About WCD 2011

Period May 24 - 29, 2011
Location Seoul, Korea
Venue COEX Convention and Exhibition Center
Hosted by International League of Dermatological Societies
Organized by Korean Dermatological Association

The World Congress of Dermatology is the most widely recognized international dermatology gathering, held every four years under the auspices of the International League of Dermatological Societies (www.ilds.org). The ILDS, which currently has 127 member societies from all corners of the globe, has organized World Congresses for over a century and strives, through its various activities, to promote and improve skin health for all citizens of the world. The World Congress of Dermatology gives all dermatologists, health professionals, academicians, scientists, government and industry representatives the unique opportunity to see the specialty as a whole, in all its impressive variety, breadth and depth. In addition, the WCD is an unforgettable social gathering and educational opportunity in the broadest and most humanistic sense.

The KDA was founded in 1947 and has grown to now be comprised of 10 regional dermatological societies and 14 research subcommittees. Presently, it has over 1,700 regular members and is one of the most important subspecialty organizations under the umbrella of the Korean Medical Association. Its sister society, the Korean Society for Investigative Dermatology, was founded in 1991. The KDA is proud to host the 22nd WCD in Seoul and has put together a skilled and dedicated local organizing committee to create a successful congress. The KDA has put its full support behind the committee since the decision was made for Seoul to host the 2011 World Congress.

Previous World Congresses
(The name of the international congress was changed in 1992 to the World Congress of Dermatology)
No Host City President Secretary-General
1 Paris, 1889 A. Hardy H. Feulard
2 Vienna, 1892 M. Kaposi G. Riehl, Sr.
3 London, 1896 J. Hutchinson J.J. Pringle
4 Paris, 1900 E. Besnier G. Thiebierge
5 Berlin, 1904 E. Lesser O. Rosenthal
6 New York, 1907 J.C. White J. Fordyce
7 Rome, 1911 T. deAmicis G. Ciarrocchi
8 Copenhagen, 1930 C. Rasch S. Lomholt
9 Budapest, 1935 L. Nekam S. Rothman
10 London, 1952 A. Gray G.B. Mitchell-Heggs
11 Stockholm, 1957 S. Hellerstrom G.H. Floden
12 Washington, 1962 D.M. Pillsbury C.S. Livingood
13 Munich, 1967 W. Jadassohn C.G. Schirren
14 Padua-Venice, 1972 F. Flarer F. Serri
15 Mexico City, 1977 A. Gonzalez-Ochoa L. Dominquez-Soto
16 Tokyo, 1982 A. Kukita M. Seiji
17 Berlin, 1987 G. Stuttgen C.E. Orfanos
18 New York, 1992 J.S. Strauss S.I. Katz
19 Sydney, 1997 R. Marks A.J. Cooper
20 Paris, 2002 J. Revuz J.-P. Ortonne
21 Buenos Aires, 2007 R. Galimberti A.M. Pierini